Candle Care + Safety

We at Grey Dove + Co want to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase but also enjoy them safely. Not only will this ensure your candles lasts as long as possible but you get the best scent throw right down to the very last burn.

We include a candle safety card with all of our purchases so please ensure you read this before lighting your candles/melting your wax.

You might be surprised to know that candles have a memory and it all really hinges on that first burn. If you do not burn your candle for a long enough period on it's first burn you are likely to get tunneling and your candle will only burn that pool size each time. We recommend that you burn your candle for 1 hour per 1 inch diameter of the candle to ensure you get a full pool melt (where the entire surface of the candle melts).


It is recommended that you do not burn a candle for any longer than 4 hours at a time.

After your first burn and before all other future burns, please trim your wick. This will prevent a carbon build up at the top of the wick and prevent sooting.

Please ensure your candle is kept out of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight may cause your candle to "sweat" whereby the oil appears on the top of the candle.

Our wicks are likely to "mushroom" whereby a carbon build up develops at the top of the wick. This is a natural and deliberate feature of the wicks. This ensures the wick self trims and also prevents the carbon from dropping off and falling into your wax.

Please note - we work hard to ensure that our candles arrive to you in perfect condition however sometimes during transit, shrinkage of the wax can occur whereby the wax comes away from the jar wall slightly. This is entirely outwith our control and is likely to be caused by the temperature of the transit vehicle during shipping. If this does occur, please be assured that this does NOT affect the burning quality or scent throw of your candle.

Please read and take note of the following candle safety notice:

  • Please do not leave candles burning unattended. There is a risk of the vessel (jar) overheating and cracking or exploding therefore please do not burn for any longer than 4 hours at a time.

  • Containers may become hot so please handle with care,

  • Do not leave candles burning when leaving the room for a prolonged period of time, extinguish your candle. Similarly, do not sleep with candles burning as this poses a fire hazard.

  • Keep burning candles away from children and pets.

  • Keep candles away from flammable objects such as sofas, curtains, bedding, papers etc.

  • Ensure your candle is placed upon a heat resistant, stable and level surface.

  • Keep wick trimmed to 6mm at all times to prevent carbon build up.

  • Avoid burning near or next to drafts such as open windows. 

  • Do not extinguish your candle using liquid such as water as this could cause the wax to splash and cause the vessel to crack due to the temperature differential.

  • Allow candle to cool prior to trimming wick and/or relighting.

  • Do not burn your candle if the vessel becomes damaged or cracked.