Waxing Poetic...

Updated: May 31

WHO knew that making candles would be tricky? Not me! As I sit here writing my first post, I am reflecting on where I was only just a short 4 weeks ago. Candles, and smellies and anything that made my home smell lush is a winner with me. I follow #mrshinch on socials and absolutely love a #hinchhaul and so going into a business where all things smell amazing really seemed like a no-brainer for me.

When "him indoors" gave me that little kick up the behind to make it happen, I figured why the heck not? The fear was real though and failure is just not something that I take lightly (I am my own worst critic after all - who needs enemies?!) so the fear of failing almost stopped me in my tracks. So when I got told, "How do you know if you never try", I sat in contemplation for some time and thought - let's

do it!

We did so much research, day and night, our conversations were dominated by wax types, scent decisions, melting temperatures, pouring temperatures, CLP labels and box types. Staring at the screen blankly as I asked him to

choose from two identical shades of pink for ribbon....

They are definitely NOT the same hun - you feel me right, girls?!

Still working full time, attending quite an intense university course, all while trying to eat my five a day, stay hydrated and get 8 hours sleep - I got burned out on more than one occasion. I just could not switch off. As soon as I went to bed at night...the intricacies of fragrance percentages swirled through my brain.

But slowly things began to come together, the vision became a reality and Grey Dove + Co was born and established. Sh*t just got real Fam. Every last penny of my savings got ploughed into making dreams come a reality. Him indoors is an absolute rock - creating and printing all of my CLP labels when I just couldn't face it amongst a hundred other things. His enthusiasm for what is essentially my dream is unfaltering.

My wonderful friends and family have been my cheer team...and are honorary Dove's for life! The support and love has absolutely touched my heart - you know who you are! THANK YOU!

This is only the beginning and I will make mistakes along the way, dang I already have! However, I will always pick myself up, dust myself off, treat it as a lessons learned and keep on going. Love to every single person reading this, and those who purchase my (I hope you will agree) beautiful products. Every single jar, scent and ribbon has been selected scrupulously and with love and care. I want to provide you with something you love, something you are proud to show off in your beautiful homes. Something that makes you want to come back - your happiness and satisfaction is #1 priority.

Until next time...


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